Lab Services

ABS offers a wide range of diagnostic laboratory services for solving the most complex environmental challenges, including:

  • Microscopic analysis, filamentous ID & total viable counts
  • Aerobic, nitrification and anaerobic toxicity and treatability testing
  • Specialized chemical and biological analyses

Unique Laboratory Services

ABS has developed a number of specialized laboratory services that are unique to the company, including:

  • Floc Former Counts: A method of enumerating floc formers in activated sludge which provides great insight in to the health and activity of the biomass.
  • 48-hour Accelerated Anaerobic Toxicity Tests: A rapid diagnostics technique for screening numerous samples of potentially toxic materials to methanogenic bacteria. Conventional tests take 30 days.
  • Microbial Seed Source Evaluations: A method of determining the best source of seed for the start-up of a wastewater plant.
  • Biomass Blueprint®: A method of isolating the indigenous microbes responsible for BOD removal and floc formation.
  • BioBanking: A method of storing a blueprint, which can be used to inoculate a Biofermentor® for reseeding or enhanced performance.