Bioaugmentation: The Next Generation

ABS has developed a patented microbial process called Biofermentation® that is reliable and a robust tool for controlling the biology of a wastewater plant. This proven, validated, and verified biotechnology process grows naturally-occurring bacteria on or off-site, which are routinely added to the wastewater treatment systems or collection systems, affordably and with no equipment capex.


  • Ensures compliance biologically
  • Improves plant performance
  • Increases plant capacity
  • Reduces secondary activated sludge (SAS) production (including SAS + primary)
  • Highly versatile and flexible
  • No Equipment CAPEX
  • Reduced OPEX
  • Reduced carbon footprint


  • Increasing throughput and capacity
  • Reducing biosolids production
  • Controlling filamentous bulking/settleability
  • Improving dewaterability
  • Improving oxygen transfer efficiency
  • Rapid recovery – days, not weeks – after toxic shocks
  • Rapid start up – days, not weeks – of new plants
  • Ability to apply specific biomass types via Biomass Blueprint®  culture
  • Nitrification/Denitrification
  • FOG control in collection systems/odor control

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