Municipal Collection Systems

ABS has developed a proprietary microbial process called Biofermentation®  that is reliable and robust. This proven, validated, and verified biotechnology process grows naturally-occurring bacteria on or off-site. The bacteria are transferred to distribution systems to ensure regular dosing of the liquid microbes as required, affordably and with no capital. The microbes consume the FOG without further build-up or downstream problems. This process is a reliable solution, quickly and effectively removing the FOG permanently for lasting results without further handling or downstream processing while reducing or eliminating odor issues.

ABS can solve the challenge of FOG in collection systems for municipalities with a full customized turnkey service or straight delivery of liquid product. In either case, enjoy the benefits of no equipment CAPEX, less manpower, reducing odor emissions and monthly operating costs along with lower visibility of the municipality in the community.

Customized FOG Control

The challenge of fats, oils and grease (FOG) in municipal collection systems is becoming prohibitively costly for many municipalities. The buildup of FOG in wastewater pipelines restricts the flow through the line, creating blockages that lead to storm sewer overflows (SSOs) and fines of up to 50 cents per gallon. In lift stations and wet wells, FOG buildup interferes with the floats, which can also result in failures and SSOs.  FOG is also a major contributor to odor issues in collection systems.

Other popular solutions:

  • use expensive vacuum trucks
  • require significant manpower
  • make the utility highly visible to the public
  • include solvents to dissolve the FOG
  • resolublize downstream
  • include biological products that rarely work or are at best unreliable.
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