Field Services

ABS offers the ability for clients to regain NPDES compliance within days, while providing a range of diagnostic and troubleshooting field services for root cause analysis of operational challenges:

  • 24-hour emergency response
  • Biofermentation® —rapid biological recovery in days
  • Tracer/HRT studies and depth profiles
  • Oxygen transfer efficiency

The Biofermentation®  process grows microbes on-site using a Biofermentor®, a side-stream reactor. For 24hr emergency response, ABS deploys the Model 1500 trailer, capable of bringing the largest plants in to compliance for BOD & TSS in just days, while conventional methods take weeks. In the last decade, Biofermentation® has proven to be a more diverse and robust technology than previously imagined with the discovery of groundbreaking applications in both the industrial and municipal markets:

  • Increasing capacity both hydraulic and organic loading
  • Reducing biosolids production by 60+%
  • Control of filamentous bulking, improved dewaterability/settleability
  • Reduction or elimination of supplemental nutrient addition
  • Rapid start-up of biological systems
  • Treatment of FOG in collection systems