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ABS offers full laboratory and consulting services providing 21st century proven technology.

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The Proven Probiotic Solution

Biofermentation is used for municipal biosolids reduction, FOG control, increasing wastewater plant capacity, and for a range of industrial applications.

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Biosolids Reduction

ABS has developed a proprietary blend of non-pathogenic, naturally-occurring bacteria that produce less biosolids, allowing the wastewater system biomass to reach its full, healthy potential. Biofermentation™ is the ultimate probiotic for any wastewater treatment plant. Unlike any other technology, Biofermentation™ shows immediate improvements in biomass health in 3-5 days.

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Benefits of Biofermentation


A plug-and-play biotechnology


Naturally-occurring microbes


Ensures NPDES compliance


Results in 3-5 days


No Equipment CAPEX, Reduced Operating
Costs, Payback in Months


Lower CO2 footprint